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Letošní výměnný pobyt ve Francii? Mamma Mia!

Publikováno: 12. 4. 2018

Letošního anglicko-francouzského výměnného pobytu v Challans se ve dnech 19.–28. 3. 2018 zúčastnili žáci tříd 3. A a 3. B. Celkový počet účastníků je přesně stanoven, a tak se i letos do Francie rozjelo celkem 30 našich žáků.

Již tradičně žáci půl roku společně pracovali na anglickém projektu, jehož tématem byl muzikál Mamma Mia. Ve smíšených česko-francouzských skupinách se naučili scénáře jednotlivých scén, které se v muzikálu objevují, a ty po secvičení předvedli při rozlučkovém divadelním představení pro francouzské rodiče.

Studenti spolu prožili krásný týden a o své zážitky se s vámi chtějí podělit ve svých denících. 

Linda Sedláková a Přemysl Machatý

Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th of March

After packing our luggages and preparing for the long journey, we met at 18:30 ahead of the school. We said goodbye to our parents and handed in all the important documents to our teachers. Our journey to France finally began. Everyone was happy because we’ve been waiting so long for this moment. After 3 hours of the way, we stopped in Rozvadov and had a half an hour pause.

We went to McDonald’s and  bought some food for our very late dinner. Then we crossed the German border and everyone went to sleep. At 3:00 we stopped in Germany and most of us went straight to the toilets. After not so long sleep we woke up in France and at about 7:30 we had a breakfast on a gas station. We watched the Mamma Mia film in the bus and played a lot of games so the journey was at least a bit shorter for us. We had 2 last stops nearby Paris and Nantes, and then we were going straight to our final destination, Challans.

We finally arrived after a 22 hours long journey to Challans. Our penfriends welcomed us with a large Czech flag in their hands. We greeted each other after a half year and talked about what happened in the time that we weren’t together. Then we went to the room for foreign visitors and the deputy director of the school welcomed us, because the headmaster wasn’t in the school. We went to our penfriends’ families and met for the first time. After arrivals to our penfriends’ homes, we unpacked our baggages and took a shower. Then we had a short rest and a time to call home. We texted with our friends and talked with our penfriends’ families about the trip. We had our first dinner in the families and then we finally went to sleep.

K. Hajník, Y. Serbouti, M. Šenec


Wednesday 21th of March

In the morning we all went to our penfriends´s school, College Saint Joseph, which is much bigger than our school. We attended their first two classes, were divided into pairs and then watched different lessons with our partner.

Some of us attended Music and Spanish, some of us Maths or Physics or something else. We also had to present our country, school and traditions for the class we were watching. Then we had some time to work on our project. We had to revise our roles and song from the musical Mamma Mia. After that, we were allowed to go home, but we don´t think that someone really went home. We were hungry, so some of us had a „healty“ lunch at Subway, some of us had even „healthier“ lunch at McDonald´s. And then we went out, our penfriends took us to play a laser game. But not all of us was there, someone was looking for shells on the beach or riding a boat. And because we don´t have a sea or an ocean in the Czech Republic, we went on a beach just after we finished the laser game. Of course someone had to step into the ocean… And yes, it was really cold. All of the French students were watching us with that look on their faces… They were clearly wondering what is wrong with us. After we finally had enough of the beach and the ocean, we went home. We had a dinner and then had some free time. Someone played board games with their family, someone just talked with them and someone called home. We think it was a nice day.

M. Marešová, K. Mrkvičková, N. Zgoni, T. Belej


Thursday 22th of March

We spent Thursday, the third day of our stay in France as “the Czech day”. That means we had program with our Czech teachers and friends all day. We left the Saint Joseph school at 8 o’clock and we went straight to a little seaside town called Le Croisic. At first we made a tour around the town and we visited some markets on the street. Then we headed to Océarium du Croisic. This aquarium is known for its more than 4000 types of animals. We saw for example  penguins, jellyfish, sharks and hundreds of different fish. We even saw the shark eggs and we walked through the tunnel under the water.

In the afternoon we visited Guérande, a medieval fortified town. Its fortified wall is one of the best preserved walls in France. Its circuit is 1,433 meters long. We walked in the town and we visited the Saint Aubin’s church. (Collégiale Saint-Aubin). This catholic church is right in the centre of the town and it was built in Romanesque style.Then we went to beach called La Baule-Escoublac. When we arrived to the beach, there was an outflow, so we could collect shells. The visit of this wild beach was a huge and unusual experience for all of us.Then we headed back to Challans. There we met our host families again and we spent the rest of the day with them.The sky was quite cloudy, but it didn’t rain. We really enjoyed this day.

B. Kofferová, H. Školoudíková, M. Mazurová a K. Demlová


Friday 23th of March

Our day started at the local school at 8:00. From here we travelled with our French correspondents to Saint Nazaire by two buses. The journey lasted about an hour and 15 minutes. Here we visited a very interesting museum of large ships. We could try for example an interactive game or lowering on a lifeboat. Then we moved to a submarine called Espadon. We had the opportunity to look inside this submarine with English interpretation. We learned that the Espadon was the first French submarine under the sea ice. And mainly, we have tried the atmosphere that the members of the French navy experienced in the submarine in past years.

After finishing the visit, we went to a beautiful beach. It was a low tide so we could go down the beach and collect shells. Some of us could return to childhood, because there was a big playground. And as a surprise of the day we visited local shops. Everyone had the opportunity to buy at least something small. After this, on the way back to Challans, we visited a smaller beach. Here we could see “a skeleton of a sea monster” that comes out of the water on a low tide. This was the last stop of our trip. When we returned back to Challans, it was a dinner time. Everybody was hungry, so we ate the dinner in our families and we were happy. We really enjoyed the whole day.

D. Nečesaný, K. Klucký, A.-M. Šošková, A. Kristlová


Saturday 24th of March

On Saturday morning we went to the shopping centre called Atlantis. In this shopping centre we bought lots of clothes. After that when we walked the Atlantis, we went to the lunch. We had baguette with meat and vegetables. The food was really good. After that when we had the lunch we rode a horse. We walked with horses in water on beach. It was really amazing. This moment I will never forget, because it was the best moment in my life. After that we went to Noirmoutier-en-l’Ile and we saw big beach, sea and bridge. It was very good! I loved that view. After that we went to Pays de la Loire and it was very interesting. We saw tide and outflow. It was the most beautiful thing, which I ever saw. After that we went to basketball match. Our team loosed, but we enjoyed. After that we only went to our house and we had very good dinner. We had Racquellette and I love this food! This day was very good, thank you very much!

Š. Fiedlerová, E. Dolanská, E. Macková


Sunday 25th od March

This day we spent with our french families and we visited a lot of beautiful and unique places like Le Passage du Gois or Mont-Saint-Michel. Many of us visited island Noirmoutier, its beautiful nature and interesting places.

One of the places, that we visited was Plage des Dames. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Vendée. You can see many little white cottages, which are there. Someone from us saw villas for rich and famous people, which stay next to this beach. We walked along ocean and we had beautiful view from wood pier.

Then we went to visit Le Passage du Gois. It is very remarkable road between land and island Noirmoutier. When you go late, you can’t drive on this road, because it is under water. In evening, the sea is coming down and you can drive on this road for three hours. There are only two so special places in the world- one is in Japan and the second is here, near Challans.

On midday, somebody from us visited very luxury restaurant with seafood and other french specialities, like pancakes. After really good lunch, we went to center of island and we spent time in small, nice streets and shops. We walked in the town for about two hours and it was absolutely gorgeous.

But not each of us was on this island… Somebody visited Mont-Saint-Michel. After Paris, Mont-Saint-Michel is the second most visited place in France. We were lucky because, the weather was very nice and sunny. We enjoyed this day and we have most beautiful memories from this place.

K. Böhmová, A. Pavlíková, A. Petržálková a Z. Svobodová


Monday 26th of March

Students from both countries spent the sixth day of this exchange in many different ways. Czech and French guys came to school in the morning and they started to prepare for the play, Mamma mia. We were prepairing for two or three hours. But that wasn’t all.After after this preparation  we went to the streets of Challans, where we played the game. It was called Treasure hunting in Challans. We were divided to the groups of three Czech and three French students. For the game we got papers with tasks and some questions about Challans. We had to walk in streets and fulfill the questions. The game ended when all the groups arrived in front of supermarket.

Then we went to the school for a lunch, which was really delicious.Full from the lunch we went to a bus, because we had to go to coastal town St Gilles Croix de Vie.The bus took us to the harbor. Everybody got a bike and helmet. Because of lot of people in this exchange, we were divided into three groups. Each group got its own instructor, who navigated us on the road. We rode bikes next to the ocean and we had a pretty good view. This trip last about two hours and we drove about 10 kilometers. When we arrived back to the harbor, we returned bikes and we went back to the bus, which took us back to school.In the evening we showed our project to the French parents. We sang songs and played the film.Mamma Mia ended quite good and we felt good about it.

M. Škuligová, A. Bayerová, R. Martinek, L. Drahný


Tuesday 27th of March 

We said the last goodbye to our penfriends. But before we had to go back to Czech republic, we have planned one last trip to the historical city of Nantes. When we arrived, the first interesting thing we saw was the tower Le Lieu unique. In the past, it was a biscuit factory LU and now it’s an art museum. Then we went to the Castle of the Dukes of Brittany. We got some time to visit the outside of the castle. After that, we went inside, where the Nantes History Museum is located. We found some interesting facts about history of Nantes since the time of the French rulers to the Second World War. We also saw historical clothing, ship models, dishes, art,… After a short lunch we went to the center of city. We visited the Cathedral of Saint Pierre and Saint Paul here. We saw tombs of important people from Nantes inside. Then we had an hour to see the city and buy some souvenirs.
On the teachers recommendation we saw a famous passage Pommeraye. Jacques Demy filmed movies here like Lola, Une chambre en ville, Les Parapluies de Cherbourg. Then we walked through the Memorial to the abolition of slavery. We came to the gallery Les Machines de l’Île. It is a park inspired by fantasy stories of Jules Verne. Some of us tried to control the machines and drove on a carousel. After that, we went back to the Czech republic. We really enjoyed whole stay in France. It was an amazing experience! 

M. Metelková, A. Němcová, P. Oplatková




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