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Our French Diary

Publikováno: 12. 4. 2019

Thursday 28. 3. 2019

We went to school in the morning and then later that day at 6pm we met up in front of the school. The teacher made sure we had all the needed documents and at 6:30pm we said goodbye to our families and got on the bus. We drove for about 4 hours and then stopped at McDonalds in Rozvadov to get a late dinner. Sleeping in the bus was very uncomfortable, because we had very little space, but we all managed.

Tereza Janáčková, Daniel Klein, Mirka Cachová

Friday 29. 3. 2019

Travel was really long. In the bus we slept, watched films and did many things. At 15 o’clock we arrived to French school called ,,Colége Saint Joseph Challans“. We played some games in the school. At 17 o’clock our families waited for us in front of the school. Everybody were really scared from welcome, but families were really kind. In the afternoon, they showed us their houses and introduced their families. After delicious dinner, we played funny games and we spoke about our lifes and families. Welcome was really good and we looked forward for the week too much.

Tomáš Pekárek, Matěj Pleskot, Samuel Kmoníček (3.B)

Saturday  30. 3. 2019

Our Saturday started when we woke up. About 9 o’clock we had breakfast and at 10 o’clock we went to the city to see carneval. There were a lot of children with awesome masks and music played loud. It was nice. After that my and other’s penfriends showed us some places in the city and than we went shopping. For lunch we had McDonald’s. During the lunch we were talking and had a fun. Than my penfriend’s mum arrived and we went to dance rehearsal of my correspondent for tonight’s show. After we were in the city with our friends and we tasted cookies from one of the most popular bakery in France. Before show we spent some time at home and than we went to the show. On show performed about 20 groups. Everybody danced well and I really liked it. Although the show was long but it was amazing experience. We came back home really late so we went sleep immediately. Saturday was so good and I really enjoyed it.

Tereza Křivková.

On Saturday I was in Nantes. We got up about 9 o’clock. After breakfast we packed our things and went to Nantes with Elisa and her mother. Our first stopover was the Castle of the Dukes of Brittany, but we were only on courtyard, because the castle was closed. We moved to the historic center, where we visited Passage Pommeraye. We bought some presents here and take a lot of photos too. For a lunch we went to the medieval restaurant and there we had a traditional meal, galletes. Then we walked to the Machine des l’ile and we watched a the big elephant. In the end of our trip we ate frozen yogurt and we went home at 19 o‘ clock. It was a beautiful weather all day. I really like this trip. Nantes is a wonderful town with pretty architecture and I want to visit it again.

Anna Tučková

I started my day with breakfast at 9:15 

o´clock. I had croissant and juice. Than we went to the park. It was really nice weather and that park was beautiful and very clean. At 12:30 c´clock we had a lunch with Audrey’s family. Her adult sister came from her own house for our lunch too. She was really nice and lunch was delicious. At 2 pm we went to Island. T island by bike and go to the beach. Centre of the town in island was really nice. Than we went to 2 beaches and it was super afternoon. When we want to come back home at evening, we used road, that is normally underwater but once a day for approx. 3 hours when is sea level down you can use this road. It was really fantastic. Than we played some videogames and had dinner. After dinner we were talking together. I taught them some czech words and they taught me some french. We talked about everything. Than I took a shower and we went to we borrowed bikes in some bike rental. After a few minutes on a bike Audrey fell down and broke her leg. Some nice women from restaurant brought us some ice and Audrey’s dad quickly bought some ointment. On the island we should have met another family with czech correspondent, so rest of the day I went with them. We planed to explore the island by bike and go to the beach. Centre of the town in island was really nice. Than we went to 2 beaches and it was super afternoon. When we want to come back home at evening, we used road, that is normally underwater but once a day for approx. 3 hours when is sea level down you can use this road. It was really fantastic. Than we played some videogames and had dinner. After dinner we were talking together. I taught them some czech words and they taught me some french. We talked about everything. Than I took a shower and we went to sleep.                          

Anna Vrátná

Saturday was our second day in France. In the morning we slept very long, because I didn’t get much sleep previous night at the bus. After breakfast we went to the city to see carneval. There was
a great parade of children who wore costumes. They were walking allong the streets and they were throwing confetti. After carneval we went with our other friends o my penfriend’s favourite café called Délicafé. We got nutella frappuccino. It was excellent. Then we picked up my penfriend’s brothers, because they were on carneval and we went home. After a delicious lunch (nuggets and fries), we went on a general rehearsal of dance performance. My penfriend dances hip hop. It was great and she is very talented. We had some free time until the show started so we decided to go around the town. We went shopping with our friends and we bought very good cookies in french bakery La Mie Caline. We had a great time. Then we had to go prepare for the show at home and have a dinner. The show started about 20:30 and ended at 23:30. Although it was quite long I liked it a lot. Every group had bautiful dance. When we arrived home we went sleep because we were tired after long day. I very enjoyed trip to France and I hope I will meet my penfriend again.

Klára Málková

Sunday 31. 3. 2019

On Sunday we stayed in our families and had free program. I woke up at 9 o’clock, had breakfast and went to aquapark with friends. The aquapark wasn’t in Challans, so the way took about 40min. After visiting the aquapark we went to St Jean De Mont beach by the ocean. We borrowed pedal cars and drove along the promenade and down the street. In the evening we watched sunset on the beach. When we arrived home we had dinner, watched a film and then we went to bed. I enjoyed that Sunday a lot.

Jakub Pozner

On Sunday we woke up at 9 AM. At 10 AM we had a meeting in aqua center with other correspondents. It was very funny. We were there until 12 AM. Then we went with Justin and Tom for a lunch. We have eaten gallettes and after that some pancakes with nutella and bananas. The restaurant was near to the Pornic beach. So after 3 hours of talking in the restaurant we went to the beach. We were playing football and watching the beatifull ocean there. We spent a lot of time there, I think it was about 4 hours. Then we went home and nothing interesting happened. I think it was one of the best days in France.

Hynek Čebiš

 In the morning, we went to see the build of the biggest travelling ship in the world. We drove about 1 hour and 30 minutes to the dock. The Titanic was build in these docks. We went there by car and we drove on the Saint-Nazaire bridge. It was very beautiful. After that, we arrived to the dock. We saw the ship. It was very big. I hope I’ll see it once when it is gonna be built. Afterwards, we went to see the beach in Challans. It was cold here, because it was very windy. In the evening, we had a picnic on the beach and we went home.

Matyáš Balla

Monday 1. 4. 2019

After the week in French families,we went with all the French penfriends to a trip to Pornic.

Before we arrived to Pornic,we stopped at one of the biggets swamp in Europe,where we spent our time on wooden boats.Then we took our food from French families and we had a picnic and we enjoyed much fun.In the afternoon we were in the town Pornic , where we could see castle and after walking with our teacher we got some free time for us. Our French correspondents bought ice cream for us and we took some photos  of  a small beach next to the playground.The  trip didn’t end so great,because one of our French corespondents  lost her wallet.We arrived back to school around 5 pm and went to the French families by a school bus.The evening we spent differently. Somebody went to dance lesson and somebody was playing basketball or watching movies.We enjoyed this day and for everybody this day was interesting.

Anna Ptáčková, Klára Marie Kubešová, Barbora Svobodová

Tuesday 2. 4. 2019

Our class met behind the school at 8:25, from where we went to a beautiful city La Rochelle.

Firstly, we visited the huge aquarium, where we saw a lot of animals living in water (jellyfish, fish, crabs, stars, turtles),but the most interesting animal for us was the big shark. After we had a lunch and then we went to the historical centre of La Rochelle. We were walking through the port, we saw the 3 important towers, which were in the past guarding the city. Then we were walking through the city in groups  without teachers. We saw the historical and shopping part of the city.

After we went to Napoleon’s square, where we were playing with the big animal machines. Then we went back to the school, where our „French parents“picked  us up and we went home.

Amália Scheerová, Ema Šandová, Markéta Jičínská

Wednesday 3. 4. 2019

In the morning we went to school to practise the Mamma mia preformance.  Every group learned the choreographies to their songs.  Later we visited a beutiful town called Saint Hilaire de Riez. We watched the atlantic ocean from cliffs and then we went into a centre of the town, where we could go to the shops. In the afternoon we went on a lasergame with our penfriends. It was really funny and we enjoyed it. Then in the evening we were in a café and then we came back home for a dinner.

Alžběta Lejsková, Nikola Křičenská, Petra Kmoníčková

Thursday, 4. 4. 2019

Last day in Challans with our friends we started in our families. They took us to school, because we had meet point here at 8:15. The first two lessons we were in different classes to see, how they usually learn and what is different against schools in Czech Republic. School started at 8:25 and we visited lessons like French, Maths, English, Art or Physics. Then we went to some other classes, where we practised for our Mamma–mia show, which we had to show our families that evening. After this practise, we went to school canteen for lunch. We had main dish, which consist of some meat and vegetable sauce. We had some salad, desert and fruit like apple too. We drank water. After lunch we were in the courtyard for a while and then we went to the border of Challans, where we tried some original dances for this region and write with old pen and ink. Then we had Treasure hunt in the city centre of Challans . We came back at six o’clock and one more time practised for Mamma–mia show. The Mamma–mia show started at seven o’clock and it was great. After that, we had small party with some drinks and sweet. Then we went to home with our families, we had dinner and last evening with them. This day was full of action, but fun too. We really enjoyed it.

Danny Bičík, Marcel Janda, Antonín Kvaček, David Theodor Nimrichtr.

Friday 5. 4. 2019

On Friday morning we met our french friends for the last time. Lots of peple was cryin, but we had to go to bus and sayed our last good bye. That was sad moment, but after started our trip to the Nantes. First time we visited big castle.  There was museum of slaves. After we went to the center Nanets where we had free time. We could buy suvenirs and looked around nice lanes with old shops. Our next stop was Les Machines de l’île. That are machines of animals whitch was inspirated by novels of Julies Vern. The biggist atraction is 12  meters tall  elephant. We was very happy, because we could ride them. We could see how the elephant wink or spew water. From the elephant was nice view too, but unfortunatuly we had bad weather. After we went to workrooms where was working some mans for another machines. And than was our last stop on the monument of slaves. There is wall with some text of slaves underground. There are lights with names of ships whitch drived slaves on the ground. Then we had only one task. We had to go to bus and started long jurney. That was little boring but we could watch films and sleep.

Monika Brancuská, Anna Hovorková, Tereza Kadaníková

Saturday 6. 4. 2019

The last day of our trip flew by very quickly. We had a lot of food left over from the huge bags of food given to us by the french families so we weren’t hungry, but we stopped at McDonalds anyway. At 13:45 we arrived to Pardubice and met up with our parents, who took us home. Overall we enjoyed the exchange very much. France is a beautiful country and we definitely plan on visiting it again.

Tereza Janáčková, Daniel Klein, Mirka Cachová



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